Family Math Problems - WIN!


Family Math Problem Contest Round #2


Work together as a family to solve these math problems at home. Bring the correct solution back to school by March 18th for your chance to win a $25 gift card. Make sure that you include your full name, grade and the correct answer!  Happy Solving!


K-2 Problem:

Maria is a very good soccer player.  In the game on Saturday she kicked the all 3 more times than Teri did.  Teri plated almost as well. She kicked the ball 7 more times that Shanna did.  Shana had to leave before the game ended, but she kicked the ball 6 times. How many times did Maria kick the ball?



3-5 Problem:

Steve is a birdwatcher. On one of his walks he saw a total of 28 birds. He saw twice as many chickadees as blue jays. He saw three fewer blue jays than woodpeckers. He saw one bald eagle and 10 chickadees. He also saw some herons. How many herons, blue jays and woodpeckers did he see?


6-8 Problem:

StatsCan is doing a census. Jayne has been hired to enumerate 330 households. If Jayne can deliver, on average, one form every 8 minutes, how many hours will she need to deliver all 330 forms?