The Power of YET...

Powerful statements from our students!

Powerful statements from some of our amazing students!


The word yet is a powerful word.  The reason the word is so powerful is because it can change a statement like I can’t do something to I can’t do something yet.  Now that’s important because it changes the statement from a negative one to a more positive one.  Here are some things I can’t do yet.  I can’t run 24 laps in 12 minutes in gym yet.  I can’t read for 3 hours and 15 minutes yet.  I can’t read 39 books 10 months yet.



I think the word Yet can change our perspective by.  Lots of people drop out of school and say I can’t do math, I can’t do science but really you just can’t do it yet!  Maybe if people start saying I can’t do this yet they will stay in school so they can have a good life and also have a car, a house and job.



The power of “yet”.  The power is that if you take a negative sentence and you add “yet” to the end that means if you say this “I can’t do this” but you cant’ do it “yet”.  You’re going to do this because yet is a powerful word.  Give GRIT.