Family Math Contest

Click "Read More" for the details...Deadline is December 6... Good luck Ford Families!


Work together as a family to solve these math problems at home on a piece of paper.  Send the correct solution back to school with your child by December 6th for your chance to win a $25 gift card to Chapters! Make sure that you include your full name, grade and the correct answer!  Happy Solving!

K- Grade 2 Problem:

Steve trades spiders and bugs for other creepy things like snakes.  He finds lots of spiders in the attic of this house.  Janie finds snakes in her garden.  She gives Steve 2 snakes for 7 of his spiders.  Steve traded 35 spiders and bugs for snakes this month.  How many snakes did he get from Janie? 

Grade 3-5 Problem

Marty is ten years old.  His grandfather is seven times his age.  Marty’s mother is half the age  of his grandfather.

A)  How old is Marty’s mother?

B)  How many decades old is Marty’s grandfather?


Grade 6-8 Problem

For 4 weeks, William volunteered as a helper for swimming classes. The first week, he volunteered for 8 hours. He volunteered for 12 hours in the second week, and another 12 hours in the third week. The fourth week, he volunteered for 9 hours. For how many hours did he volunteer per week, on average?