Weekly Calendar for W.H. FORD School

At W. H. Ford School we want to encourage families to visit our school website regularly to find out what is happening in and around the school.

Each week we will be adding new stories, events and updates about the school.

Our School Hours are 8:53am - 11:45am  and   12:45pm - 3:37pm 


Monday,  March 20  Day 3

Boys' Basketball Practice at 8:00AM

Band Sectionals at Ford

Blizzard Treat Day for students that have ordered

Tuesday, March 21  Day 4

Speed Stacking Practice at 12:05

Gr. 6/7, 7/8 & 7/8 CFL Week Field Trip

Boys' Basketball Game at Seven Stones School

Jr. & Sr. FIAP Swimming

SCC Meeting at 7:00PM  Everyone Welcome

Wednesday, March 22   Day 5

Optimist Band Festival

Glee Practice at Lunch

Speed Stacking Practice at 12:05

Thursday,  March 23  Day 1

Optimist Band Festival

Speed Stacking Practice at 12:05

Friday, March 24  Day 2

Optimist Band Festival

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, April 6th Speed Stacking Tournament at Sheldon Williams Collegiate at 4:30PM